A password that is going to make everything okay

Sometimes we feel depressed because of things, because of other people or things we have done badly. What they have done with us that we thought about all the time. This is type of experience that sometimes everyone of us feel. Now how we can rid of it.

password thing that we type multiple times a day, so when I need to change it, then I think that I should set a password that can make me strong that can get me rid of all the hatred and dissatisfaction with in me. I made my password “Forget@it”. I had to type this password several times a day, each time my computer lock. Each time I came back I wrote “Forget@it”. The simple action changed the way I looked at things. The constant reminder of reconciliation led me to accept the way things happened and helped me deal with my depression. Then every time I need to change my password I feel free. The next time I had to change my password, I thought about the next thing that I had to get done, my password became “Wake@5am”. It reminds me materialize my goals and kept me motivated and excited. It’s sometimes to difficult to come up with your next goal, but keeping at it brings great results. Life became exited.