My first Step in Digital Marketing

If you asked me about digital marketing few months back , I didn’t even know about it. I just started by blog and i was struggling with regular posting. After posting updates, i set back and was waiting for the people to come and visit my site.

Once you get into the particular thing and stuck with it , You will start discovering the patterns. Same thing happened to me as well. “ to run my blog effectively” Was the only thing in my mind and the journey begins.

One day, Mr. Husband came and told me about the newly launched Digital marketing nano-degree program by udacity. It was a quite tough decision for me as at same time i was pretty sure to start a NEW career.

So, What is Digital marketing??? Is it a right time to take a switch?? Is it really beneficial for me and my blog?? How digital marketing helps me to get a job??all these are the questions running in my mind.And you might want to know why i choose this?!!!

well, Digital marketing is a universal term for all of your online marketing efforts. I am sharing few of reasons below why i decided to take my baby step in digital marketing world.

  1. Less work load. i can even work on freelance basis.
  2. I can work more effectively on my website.
  3. Digital Marketing is going to be a 100 billion industry by 2020.
  4. Demand will increasing as now a days , People are more into Internet.
  5. Digital marketing will help me to get familiar with the techie parts like SEO , running campaign effectively.

Sometimes Working hard is not enough. You have to work smart. You have to develop that judgement ability to find current trends, To see the future needs.

And i finally complete my enrollment in udacity’s Digital marketing nanodegree. At last, I want to share few reasons About choosing UDACITY Only not others.

  1. First and most important, it’s will teach you practical knowledge, unlike others. You will learn by doing small projects after every topic.
  2. Quality content, and very well organised information, developed by the market leaders in the field of digital marketing like Facebook, Google, Hootsuite, Hubspot, Moz.
  3. Small 2–10mins duration video, that won’t take much time and to the point explanation with real world examples and quizzes.
  4. Another important point is industry recognized Certification, which you can use to showcase your skills you learned to the hiring partners, in collaboration with the course having its own job portal. They will train you how to prepare for interview process too.
  5. One on one mentoring, real people reviewing your project very minutely and guiding you ways to improve.
  6. Self paced learning, from anywhere anytime.

So, my verdict is, If you have set your mind to take digital marketing as a career. I suggest you to go with’s really value for time and money and is better than other online courses available out there, here is the link to Udacity for more information.