Life in the Moments

Life happens in the moments. Do you agree?

We often chase big fat hours to celebrate life but innocently miss out on those tiny little spurs that puff away with the blink of an eye.

Sure, it is great to enjoy, plan and wait for big celebrations but personally, I feel life is a big story in itself with unspoken-yet-deeply felt words and sentences, and how we go about them.

Hence this question — When was the last time YOU looked up from work and actually felt life happening around and within?

A few days back I was typing furiously on my laptop when I looked up suddenly. I felt the air brush past my skin. How wonderful to register life and my presence in it!

Celebrate life. Today and every day.

I took a pause from work, breathed deep and expressed my gratitude for the moment. For being blessed with life.

And then you know when the saga begins it can’t stop until the final melody has played out. I kept observing, feeling my surroundings, feeling a pleasant lightness within.

There was the hum of washing machine running into the balcony.

There was some drilling sound coming from the neighborhood. They are erecting some building and hence, the noise. Yet I smiled. It is all about the package called life. It comes with surprises and mundane both.

Work will never stop unless we do, and if you are somewhere like me, you won’t stop until the last breath. But I urge you to look up from this article, from your work on any day and feel it inside. Life is blessing us. Let’s be thankful for it.

Such moments free you from the whole day of burden. You also get to give yourself a pat on the back for working so hard, for being relentless, for being unnecessary kind and unusually generous.

This is my life. What about yours? How do you celebrate it?



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