The Time Machine

Why must I be in a haste make it a past

When there are days and years which my fate has kept for transforming it into past.

When you see present as present, I find myself a zombie dragged to a future.

The time in turn has moved but the glue of past has stuck to me making it present.

You call it nostalgia, I call it my present. Should I see it as nostalgia, it would become a past

You must understand when you console, ‘Move on. It has gone’,

the excruciating pain I feel, as the present pulls me from the past.

This present is an unknown future which I never planned in the past!

The chapter of tenses when teacher taught, I failed in every test,

If it was a past perfect, I would have been in the present continuous,

The past remained imperfect, hence I am here in present imperfect,

The zombie doing daily chores, with that box of emotions in that imperfect past.

Hence when you last saw me, ‘I was trying to feel indifferent to you.’

The action continues in the present imperfect.

When you are confident about my ‘Future Perfect’ and say,

You will forgive and forget it.’ I sleep with a hope.

Only to flunk again in the test of tenses.

This day is but a little different,

I feel the disappointment of flunking in test,

My finger tips are not numb; they feel the pain,

the excruciating pain, but this pain is for a gain.

Unlike the earlier one, which was harbinger of deeper pain,

the pain on the bell curve is on receding end,

The yearning for the past has transformed to nostalgia.

and the zombie seems to be sleeping in its grave

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