Let’s go crazy =)

Sometimes I shock myself with the random smart shit that i do and say. And there are days when I fault my chargers during the power cut offs.

Between this my life resonates!

I’m crazy, I must tell you. I’m just insane! There’s no in between. Either I’m super smart or else the dumbest person on this earth (Mostly dumb!). Either I’m too happy or else the saddest person in this entire world. Either I’ll get too much comfortable to someone or not call them at all (Bad attitude- This is what people think) But not really! There are days when I laugh alone in the room like a mad guy on the lamest jokes of the world. Is there any kinda issue with me?Probably Not.

Aren’t we supposed to do that? No not like me, I’m just too much. What does crazy mean? CRAZY=Extremely Enthusiastic. These people are always extreme. They never see the risk, they just do it! And so am I. I’m always enthusiastic! I can’t wait. If i want something, either I’ll get it by next day or forget it forever. This seems problematic. But it isn’t. You are in touch with who you really are, what you really desire, and not what you want to show. Artificial is too Fake!

Laugh like a joker. Cry like a baby. Scream like a rockstar. Whisper like a secret. Be grounded! Be real! Be authentic! Be silly! Be you! But not what people wa to see you.
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