Lets see each other soon..

Ever wondered.. sometimes life gives you some unpredictable moments of joy and you bask in its glory till you forget that it would never last forever..

It all started with a promise to be his favourite student but soon took over as a crush for my literature teacher.

A rainy day it was.. we were all taking pleasure watching rain showers touching our feet and giving sweet little kisses on our skin.. i was standing outside the classroom of 7th A and our classteacher had his day off. Ron, as i would fondly call him was walking past me when he saw me giggling with my fellow mates. I could still remember those glittery eyes stuck on me.. full of love, care, warmth and feelings beyond expression. Too young to understand the depth, i took it as a moment of victory to finally be able to catch his attention. Days passed by.. but we came closer..

It ws almost the end of the academic session and i had already told him about the decision to leave the school.. The last day of the school unfolded some beautiful moments penned down in a yellow colored letter.. and the words said..

We’ll see each other soon…

Till this day.. i hold the yellow letter in my hand in the anticipation that our eyes meet each other just for once and subtly insinuate those unsaid words …

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