Train of Thought #3

Turns out he didn’t have to sell it to get the Grammy

I want to be famous. I’m sitting at my monotonous job, answering emails, reading Twitter, reading the blogs in between calls and system outages, just playing with the idea of what it would be like to be famous. Like Chance the Rapper just won the Grammy famous. Not so much Donald Trump just said/did some dumb shit famous. Maybe Kanye West pre-depression and pre-Kim famous. Michael Jackson fame would probably kill me like it killed him. Barack Obama drinking out of a coconut fame, that might be cool. I’m shy though.

I don’t want all them eyes on me. Couldn’t bear being the topic of daily discussion on twitter and on the blogs. People having opinions on my heartbeat. Why is this niggas heart still beating? This nigga supports Donald Trump and his (insert marginalized group here)phobia. This nigga is another stupid liberal and if the wall doesn’t get built, he deserves to get robbed by all the Mexicans. Love the gays. Hate the faggots. Can’t have opinions either way.

Fame is slavery, except it’s not, because slaves never owned Louis Vuitton wallets and ate gluten free meals at Michelin Star restaurants. Slaves didn’t have the luxury of sleeping at 4 Season hotels and sitting front row at NYFW.

Can’t do fame. I really just want the money to pay off my student loan and buy a decent engagement ring and buy wings from Wingstop every once in a while.