New Web Development Student

What the hell was I thinking? I started on this IT / Technology journey in 2014, when I took the Network+ workshops from Rackspace’s Cloud Academy in San Antonio. Yes, the program is very affordable, but financially I needed to get out of debt so, I used my Post 9/11 GI Bill and attended Airstreams Energy Renewal in Tehachapi, CA. I worked as a wind turbine technician for a year and a half. The job provided good income and travel to very rural areas of the country. That job exposed me to a lot of experiences that I would have never been exposed to before, so I do not regret the decision.

In 2016, I did the Network+ workshops again. While attempting to study for the certification, I knew I did not like it. I started looking around for something else in IT or Technology that did not involve going to college for two to four years. I already have a bachelor’s degree. I found General Assembly on the Veterans Affairs website. I remembered I tried to code a little on Code Academy and I did get it, but I little the ability to create.

I applied to General Assembly and took a mini HTML/CSS training from the company and I was hooked. I got into the web development immersion course that is 12 weeks long. I just finished week two. When they said “immersion,” they were not kidding. Class is 9am to 530pm and everyone in class have a ton of work. I get up at about 430ish in the morning to workout. I know myself, going to the gym after class would never happen. This week I learned not to stress about not knowing everything that was listed. I will do reviews on the weekends, when I am not at work. I am a drilling reservist, so I don’t study that weekend. Well, for now I am working on JavaScript, so I have to get back to my project. I will keep posting.