Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About MOT Tests

In the UK, the Ministry of Transportation has created a test — known by the name of MOT — that is necessary and compulsory for every vehicle to be taken. By undertaking this test, a vehicle will prove its roadworthiness; this test enables a vehicle to prove that it conforms to today’s road safety and environmental standards. Now, here are the answers to some basic questions related to an MOT test.

An MOT test — in a nutshell

Every vehicle that plies on UK’s roads needs to meet a defined set of legal requirements. The test is conducted by leading government authorities and covers the inspection of a vehicle’s brakes, lights, seat belts, suspension components and emissions. (Many people harbour the fallacy that engines, too, are included in this test.) Also, an MOT test will never guarantee that a vehicle is in mint condition.

When does a vehicle require an MOT test?

After completing its three-year service, a vehicle will require an MOT test. (Nevertheless, the rules are different if the vehicle is a commercial one.) For an instance, if your private vehicle is purchased on 1 December 2016, it will have to take its first test on 1 December 2019.

If, however, the vehicle is used before registration (as is usually the case with an imported one), the date of undergoing the first MOT test comes directly after the third year from the year of manufacture. For example, if the imported vehicle is manufactured in 2016, its first test will have to be undertaken on 31 July 2019. One important point — no grace period is allotted for a vehicle whose driver fails to make it appear for the test.

Will the test be taken anytime?

This test can be taken one month prior to the actual date of the test. The certificate will be valid for a whole year from the day or date when the test was conducted. If the vehicle owner will like the vehicle to undergo the test in an MOT test centre in Reading, UK, the person should bring along different documents (the most important one being the vehicle’s registration document).

Sometimes, the test can be carried out by a centre offering car service in Theale or in any other part of the UK. (Selected garages are authorised to carry the MOT test, and a few even offer discounts on the test if it is clubbed with some other services.)

So if the vehicle is three-year old or has been imported three years ago, the driver/owner should contact a garage offering MOT services without delay.

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