City Council Room Sound System with Bosch Digital Discussion System

City and State Council have unique needs for their audio systems. This audio solution includes the Bosch CC1000 system which allows all your council members to be able to hold meetings and the ability to hear everyone without additional equipment. In addition, because the speakers are built into the base of the microphones and the added Digital Signal Processor (DSP) provided by the system, the solution substantially reduces the chance of feedback. Additional SD4 speakers can be added to this system for any size the public listening area. Also, the flexibility of this solution gives us the ability to add an additional microphone for citizens to ask questions and the ability to hook up to a computer in order for off-site members to join the meeting. Finally, the addition of the ADA assisted listening system provides people who are hearing impaired to be able to participate in the proceedings.

1 — (1) Pure Resonance Audio SD4 Ceiling Speaker Array
2 — (1) Bosch CCSD-CURD CCS 1000 D Control Unit Recorder DAFS
2- (11) Bosch CCSD-DL CCS 1000 D Discussion Device with Long Microphones
3 — (1) Listen Tech LS-53–072 iDSP Prime Level I Stationary RF System
4 — (1) Audio-Technica ATW-2120a Wireless Handheld Microphone System
5- (1) Rolls RA170 70-Volt/70 Watt Power Amplifier
(1) CBI MLN-3 3ft XLR to XLR Cable
(100 ft) West Penn 225 Speaker Wire

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