Our Top 5 Most Popular 4″ Ceiling Speakers

JBL 8124 4 inch In-Ceiling Speaker

The JBL 8124 Ceiling Loudspeaker is a 4″, full-range, cost-effective loudspeaker for commercial applications and features high-fidelity performance in an easy to install package.


JBL Control 24CT MicroPlus 4 inch 2 Way Vented Ceiling Speakers — Pair

The JBL Control 24CT Micro Plus 4″ Two-Way Vented Ceiling Speaker provides full, high quality sound for background music and music-plus-paging systems.


Yamaha VXC4 4 inch In-Ceiling Loudspeaker — Pair

The Yamaha VXC4 speaker offers a versatile lineup for clear consistent sound and are designed to accommodate a growing list of applications in the installation market.


Yorkville C160W Coliseum Mini Series 4 inch Pot Light In-Ceiling Speaker

The Yorkville C160W Coliseum Mini Series Pot Light In-Ceiling Speaker is ideal for any paging or background music system. It is a 10W, 4″ diameter flush mount in-ceiling speaker designed specifically for quick and simple installation in office and retail environments.


JBL CSS8004 Commercial Series 4 inch Ceiling Speaker

The JBL CSS8004 Commercial Series ceiling speakers feature high sensitivity, providing maximum sound level, even at low tap settings.


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