Start with the pain

You need to focus on the one thing that causes the most pains in your business or idea. Start with the biggest obstacle, everything else will eventually solve.

I have coached a lot of startups, business or product ideas. What I often encounter is reluctant to address the one big problem in front of them. The real pain.

An example

A client of mine had a quite weak argument of why their customers should pay anything for their services. I addressed this often but they were more eager to satisfy every client’s specific need. And yes they got some growth. But they couldn’t get investors to put in the needed funding for the project because the revenue streams weren’t strong enough.


First admit that you have a pain. The easiest person in the world to fool is yourself. Don’t do that.

The second step is to focus on that pain alone. Skip creating a better logo for your business. Just focus on the pain.

The third step is to come up with feasible ideas to solve the pain.

The fourth step is to create small experiments to see if it possible to ease the pain without jeopardizing the whole organization.

Loop third and fourth step until you have removed the pain.

Shit list

We all have a lot of lists. Bucket list, Shopping list, a Goal list, Fitness list. I have a Shit list.

I’m a father of three small children so it has nothing to do with real shit. But it has to do with shitty things I need to fix. From time to time it varies how long it is but I try to never let it pass five items. Then I need to fix something. It’s where I have my pains.

In the same way, you should address your ideas or business. Start with the pain. Or as Jerzy Gregorek clearly stated it:

”Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.”