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The fintech market is developing and digitalizing rapidly in all aspects. In the realities of this market, the proper mobile app plays a key role in how banks interact with their customers. Today, everything can be done online, using smartphones, online operations became accessible and understandable almost as publishing a tweet. And if your banking application doesn’t meet the market requirements, it will be too difficult to stay on it.

In order to make a quality product, it is necessary not only to satisfy the basic user’s needs but also to anticipate his needs in the future. …

How to differ a bad contractor from a good partner? There can be many advantages of working by the outsourced model, but also a lot of risks. Finding a good partner is difficult, but it is an ambitious and necessary task. We wrote this article to differ it from a bad and irresponsible contractor. What kind of mistakes do contractors make, so it`s not worth working with them?


The manager assured that the team was working and would show the result “in the nearest future”, and after weeks of work, it wasn`t clear what the result of the project is…

Why do IT companies love Flutter so much? There are many reasons you should know about. In the realities of modern mobile development, new opportunities have appeared and they compete with the usual native development. Flutter is the open-source hybrid mobile app SDK released by Google in 2018. After the release, we immediately began to study it and already wrote several large projects on it. We want to share with you experience on how this alternative works and how it will be useful to you.


There are 2 directions in mobile development — native and cross-platform. Native applications are developed…

Requirement specifications are the main project document, describing all its technical and non-technical issues. Any of your ideas are just ideas until specifications developed. In this article, we will explain why this document is so important when it`s correct to begin development and what exactly it should contain.


If you don’t describe the expected result, don`t formulate a clear task and project requirements, you will:

  • overpay for work and edits;
  • waste time;
  • get not at all what you want and again overpay for edits;
  • close the project due to the fact that there are no more resources for corrections.


Today, the user and his needs are taken first. The user-first approach has proved itself in the last couple of years, although there was no point in doubting its value. Product success depends on UI/UX trends. Imagine that the user likes your app or site interface, it is comfortable for him and solves his problems quickly enough.

Such UI/UX makes your product desirable in the user`s eyes. This is the best-case scenario that every business wants.

To achieve it, you should follow rapidly changing trends. User behavior and preferences are inconsistent because new trends arise more and more often. …

You decided to develop an app. Now you need to choose from one of the common development approaches — native or cross-platform. Both have strong sides and weaknesses that you should study before making your final choice. Here we will tell you about all these nuances and help to make the right decision.


A native mobile app is developed solely for a specific platform. This means that it fully corresponds to the mobile operating system’s requirements.

But what’s more important, a native app can use all the smartphone’s features. Native dev approach is considered as the standard of mobile development…

Have you ever wondered why designers add animation to the interface? It is certainly beautiful, sometimes even spectacular. It seems a priori correct and logical to add animation everywhere because this is the strongest trend over the past couple of years. But how does animation improve the experience, how functional, justified, necessary is it? How to understand if it can really improve the interface in terms of user experience? Let’s look at how to make animation more than just a beautiful design element.

Ordinary UI animation makes the user experience just beautiful and doesn’t add any value to it. …

We have looked through Awwwards ratings, which reflect the best solutions in modern digital design. Also, we have collected our experience — talked with our hardworking designers. So we found out what design we all will see in 2020. Today we are ready to share this knowledge with you.

Would first like to say that modern designers create their own grids, break the rules, and protest against ordinary design. This gives rise to most of the trends that will be discussed today. All of them are a little beyond. On the other hand, the user can also be delayed by…

Today, applications are effective for almost any niche. If you have a business, you definitely have much to improve with this cool solution. A mobile application can be the very tool that will generate stable sales and income for you, help in customer service and create a lot of new opportunities for business development.

If you can’t understand whether to start developing your application and what benefits it will bring to you, we recommend you to read this article to the end. …

Any good design requires imagination and special skills from its creator. At the agency, we are constantly looking for new solutions and approaches to how we can enhance the design. To do this through dynamics is a very suitable option. Indeed, today, dynamic layouts are one of the strongest trends in web design. If you follow this trend, your target audience will appreciate it and be more involved. You will also accelerate its conversion from the stage of a regular visitor to the stage of a regular customer. …


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