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The fintech market is developing and digitalizing rapidly in all aspects. In the realities of this market, the proper mobile app plays a key role in how banks interact with their customers. Today, everything can be done online, using smartphones, online operations became accessible and understandable almost as publishing a tweet. And if your banking application doesn’t meet the market requirements, it will be too difficult to stay on it.

In order to make a quality product, it is necessary not only to satisfy the basic user’s needs but also to anticipate his needs in the future. …

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How to differ a bad contractor from a good partner? There can be many advantages of working by the outsourced model, but also a lot of risks. Finding a good partner is difficult, but it is an ambitious and necessary task. We wrote this article to differ it from a bad and irresponsible contractor. What kind of mistakes do contractors make, so it`s not worth working with them?


The manager assured that the team was working and would show the result “in the nearest future”, and after weeks of work, it wasn`t clear what the result of the project is and whether work is underway. …

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Why do IT companies love Flutter so much? There are many reasons you should know about. In the realities of modern mobile development, new opportunities have appeared and they compete with the usual native development. Flutter is the open-source hybrid mobile app SDK released by Google in 2018. After the release, we immediately began to study it and already wrote several large projects on it. We want to share with you experience on how this alternative works and how it will be useful to you.


There are 2 directions in mobile development — native and cross-platform. Native applications are developed uniquely for each operating system: iOS and Android. Mostly, the popular Swift and Kotlin are used for this. Globally, this is a classic of mobile development, and many developers still prefer it. However, startups, businesses, and, developers themselves realize the inefficiency of this approach for all cases of a project or idea. …


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