The UK chooses not to enforce some of these directives, but that is their choice.
Helen De Cruz

I’m not talking about precise numbers because, as you say yourself, these are not known (87.8 of natives is 2011 number and there was a 5% change between 2001 and 2011). I’m talking trajectory of changes and general attitude. There is a world of a difference between somebody who chooses not to use violence and somebody who is just weak. You are just weak and in denial. In my line of work I happened to have a good look into a day-to-day functioning of your court system, police, NHS, education and social security networks. It’s a mess, and I’m talking Poland-just-before-1989-collapse mess, with two major differences. One is that you still have some financial padding provided by your ancestors and the second one is that while under marxist boot we have never given up. You have, you are adopting it on a societal level. Before coming to UK I have never came across a person who thinks that money grows on trees. Please understand that my only reason for leaving UK and a 30k+ self employment was that it was time for me to have kids and I wanted them to have a future.

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