Your joke reminded me that I should never stand out. Even when fat people’s character is exemplary — for good or for ill — it can’t be seen. It reminded me that as a fat person, I will always be seen as my body first, and often only. Any core of who I am may be sacrificed to common cruelty, eclipsed by what I look like. Standing out for good deeds or bad, high performance or low, all serve the same purpose. Making myself known means launching myself like a clay pigeon onto a firing range. Your joke was a warning shot. Don’t aspire to more. Don’t try for better. Make sure you aren’t seen.
What Chris Christie fat jokes teach your fat friend.
Your Fat Friend

No sir, you are wrong. On several levels. You are making an assumption that there is something wrong with your body but there is a core of you, the character that is shining and exemplary. No, it’s not the case. One is the reflection of the other. Are you aware, that I’ve got a list of things that I would rather not to happen in this world? Guess what? Everybody has one and noone cares about mine. I choose not to burden you with it unless I can see a direct action I can take to cross one off my list. Crying on the internet that OTHER people should or shouldn’t do something is not such an action. You allow yourself to be overly sensitive, you choose not to learn how to be strong, you are blaming other people for things that for most are rather automatic (yes, cruel but still automatic) so you can get more attention than others. Instead of putting focus on changing the situation that you clearly find uncomfortable, you focus on whining about it to a large audience of people instead. These are all tell-tell sings. Your character is very far from perfect and your body is a consequence. Of course unless you’ve got some rare genetic disorder, but in such case it’s much easier to accept something you can’t change. I dare to say that the reason your weight and it’s consequences are bothering you so much is because deep inside you know you can change it but you choose not to.

So cut this crap, identify problem behaviors, make a plan and take action. Your problem is not a consequence of willpower. A weight loss that has to rely on willpower is sure to fail. What you need is information. One step at a time. Let them compound. Fuck diets and gurus, there are people who lose weight for a living and they are called pro bodybuilders, listen to them. Ignore the drugs, this stuff is for exceeding human genetics. Basics — weight training, intervals, caloric intake, carbohydrate cycling. Toughen up, it will take effort but you will be happy with yourself. Everybody has a nasty side, you too. Some people are so broken that they are nasty 24/7. The good news is that they only pick on victims and you don’t have to be one. Good luck and take care.

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