Society and Content: Consumption Vs. Creation

I wake up, I check my email. Then I check Twitter, and then Facebook. I probably left a few things out, but you get the point.

Every single day — scratch that — almost every single moment, I am consuming content. Whether it is email, or messages, or social media, or news, or a television program, or my coursework, or maybe even a book, I find that some sort of content consumption is very, very heavily sprinkled throughout my day.

I am not writing this piece to discuss how awful or twisted our society is for being the way that it is. I’m not saying that is not the case, I’m not saying that it is either. The twisted-ness of society as we know it, is simply not the topic here.

I want to discuss the concepts of content consumption, and content creation. We consume, and we consume, and we consume some more. And then the next day, we do it again. There are many imbalances in our society; I think that this is perhaps one of the most understated ones.

To further understand this idea, let’s go back to the hunter gatherer times. Our ancestors used to have to fight to live on a daily basis. Their content creation to content consumption ratio was, ideally, at a one to one.

Now, in the digital age, we are less concerned with things like food and shelter, and more concerned with ideas and words. Information is now the most valued content, power is dictated by those who have and appropriately use the right information. This has not always been the case, and I don’t know if it always will be the case.

In a very un-journalistic manner, I have written this un-journalistically short article in first person. So, this is where we take a turn towards the introspective.

I challenge you, and by you I mean me, to create more content, rather than just consume it. You have really interesting conversations in your head, especially when the day is done and you are trying to fall asleep, or when you are making the drive from where you live to where your parents live.

So, why not not put them somewhere where they can be appreciated, and discussed, and criticized, and recreated. This is a challenge, I am challenging you, and by you I mean me, to become a content creator.


Yes, I know hashtags are lame, as are internet based challenges. But you know what, a lot of things are lame, until they’re not.