imagine with me a dark, vast sea

on a moonless night

glassy ink as far as the eye can see

bobbing far away, a flicker

a single candle

defying the night with fierce resolve

on that candle, a flea

taking refuge and warmth

that ocean is the universe

that candle is our solar system

that flea is Earth

and a single molecule of the flea’s hair is you

so small

but the biggest dreamers

Practical philosophy for radical progressive change through incremental personal action.

In Western ideology we think of ourselves as isolated individuals. Me-me-me. What do I want? What is best for me? How can I get ahead? How do I get what they/she/he has? How can I make the most money? This underpins pretty much every aspect of our society. It warps our perspective of the world and drives decision-making that optimizes for the few, the “in group”, that subscribes to our particular circle of influence.

Locally, this might not be such a big deal. I’m just one person, right? My decisions don’t necessary matter all that much… except they do. Society…


I’m writing today to call for enforcement of mask-wearing amongst the various police forces of the State of Massachusetts. Over the course of this pandemic, I have seen countless examples of flagrant disregard when it comes to recommended safety practices at both the state and federal level.

It is widely accepted that wearing a mask dramatically reduces the chance of transmission of COVID-19 yet, every single time I’ve seen a police officer in public the last several months, they have not been wearing face coverings. …

I’m alone.

I pay a guy $150 a week to touch me (therapeutically) and pretend like he cares about me for 90 minutes.

This is my life now.


I reach out into the dark

Searching for life and fire

Livegivers in the void

Stars twinkle distantly

Their rays remind but do not comfort

Too far away to warm

It’s dense here

Potential energy

Waiting to be transformed



and drowning

A tale of perianal abscess, fistula, multiple resulting hemorrhoids, and the traumatic recovery experience

I’m writing this during the COVID-19 quarantine because it seems like a good time as any to reflect back on the past year and how much it changed my life in ways I could never predict.

Trigger warning: this is graphic and I’m not going to pull any punches telling what happened. My goal with this is to help anyone going through a similar situation not make the same mistakes I did and ensure they get treated as swiftly as possible. Also, to let anyone similarly suffering know they’re not alone.

April-May 2019: I was living in Austin, TX, working…

salt stains

on my skin

here we are again

that unbearable burning, creeping pain

of what could be

a flame of promise


not brutally


a flower that had not yet bloomed

One question I see on Twitter and such often is why a developer should choose styled-components over other CSS-in-JS libraries (and other forms of CSS in general.) Here are some of my thoughts in condensed form:

You can choose exactly how you want to write styles, we don’t encourage or enforce any particular syntax. Want to write normal looking CSS? Sweet. Want to write style objects that look like DOM JS inline styles? Right on.

We’ve got your back and will apply the relevant vendor prefixes, etc. All we care about is making it as easy as possible to write…

2oz Bourbon

To wash away that which did not serve you. Firm, warm arms around you. Reassuring. Robust. Caramelly.

1oz Tuaca

To remind you that good times are ahead, too. Never forget your favorite things and don’t worry about leaning on them when you need to. Notes of citrus, vanilla.

0.5oz Amaretto

To dance across your tastebuds and smooth the palate. Life is as bitter as you allow it to be — light can always be found when you look for it. A hint of almond sweetness.

3 dashes lavender bitters

To invite tranquility into this moment. Stop and smell…

My eyes tingle, a subtle burn

A faux moon glowing in the corner

Warm, maybe a bit too warm… but don’t want to take off my shorts

It’s howling outside

Standing in the hot shower, I open the window and instantly... beautiful, cool mist enveloping my skin

I water my plants and they creak in thanks — but it’s I who should thank them for keeping me company

Cleaning the air little by little

Time to sleep, to chase the hallway with doors

I’ll find it someday

Evan Jacobs

Poetry, tech, other pursuits. 🏳️‍🌈

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