Introducing Boundless

Accessible, battle-tested, infinitely composable React components.

Evan Jacobs
1 min readFeb 7, 2017


Boundless started as a little project called UIKit. It was developed to make React UI development at Enigma fast, predictable, and performant.

Fast-forward 1.5 years later and it has evolved into a rich set of foundational components and helper utilities, offering solutions to complex UI needs while remaining flexible enough to compose into anything you can dream up.

At its core, Boundless achieves a few (deceptively) simple goals:

  1. Performance, without compromising the developer experience.
  2. An unopinionated baseline style that can be easily adapted to your project.
  3. Inclusiveness, though deeply-baked in accessibility considerations provided via WAI-ARIA where appropriate*.

*We’re still making Boundless better in this regard. Subject matter experts are highly desired to help make the components even more screen-reader friendly.

It has been my personal pleasure to work on this project, and I look forward to taking it into the future with the open source community.

Thanks for reading, and check out Boundless’s website!

Special thanks to Abe Rubenstein, my second-in-command on this project right from the beginning 🙇🏻.



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