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Happy cows produce good buttermilk, and good ingredients make for great apps!

Introducing Buttermilk ⚪️

Beautifully simple routing for React projects.

Evan Jacobs
Mar 27, 2018 · 3 min read


path: String | RegExp | Function,
redirect: String?,
render: Function?,
path: '/foo',
render: () => import('./SomePage').then(mdl => mdl.default),

Using the right route


<Link>ing up your views

import { Link } from 'buttermilk';<Link href="/one/of/your/routes">
Some text
import { Link } from 'buttermilk';<Link as="button" href="/one/of/your/routes">
Some text
import { Link } from 'buttermilk';
import styled from 'styled-components';
const Anchor = styled.a`
color: tomato;
<Link as={Anchor} href="/one/of/your/routes">
Some text

Switching routes programmatically

import { route } from 'buttermilk';// acts like push / pushState
import { route } from 'buttermilk';// acts like replace / replaceState
route('/foo', false);

Consuming the current route state

// routingProps.location  (the parsed current URL in window.location.* form)
// routingProps.params (any extracted dynamic params from the URL)
// routingProps.route (the current route)
{routingProps => {
return /* some JSX */;

Putting it all together

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