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Do what you love, love what you do.

Before moving on to this deep existential exploration, let us introduce ourselves. You need to know “Who we are?” before even caring to think about “Why are we here?”.

We provide career based education to middle school students through a three step process.

  1. Career Counselling: To help them identify the career fields they would be interested to explore.
  2. Expert Sessions: To help them learn more about the career options in a specific field (like Law, Journalism, Automobile Technology, etc.)
  3. Career Based Courses: To help them explore, get a look and feel of the identified career field. Example: Our Entrepreneurship course on YouTube.

Now, coming to “Why are we here?”.

Our school curriculum, though well researched and balanced, fails to tell us anything about the life outside the confines of the classroom. Additionally, it focuses more on memorising lots of information (historical, geographical, economic and so on) rather than on understanding their implications in our daily lives. These factors, coupled with the pressure to perform well academically, means the student never gets a chance to discover his passion. Consequently, when it comes to choosing what to study, parents and peers have the final say which is usually based on stereotypes, desires and unfulfilled dreams.

It is this problem that we want to solve. Any Indian citizen will agree to the fact that this problem is still very prevalent in our society and we need to solve it.

Yes, there are many startups in India which provide career counselling. Yes, we also have a lot of online course portals. There’s Khan Academy, Coursera, edX, CreativeLive, Udemy, Udacity, and the list can go on and on and on. Do we really need another startup to give out career counselling sessions and online courses? Yes!

Three reasons. Because the career guidance startups in India are highly dependent on psychometric tests (which by the way, hardly has any data to verify claims), because even then they are expensive (₹3000– ₹7000), and because no online course portal has career based courses made for Indian school students.

The approach to solving this problem needs to be much more complete. That’s exactly what we are doing! We are completing the cycle of career based education for middle school students so that they can make an informed career choice when the time comes. We help them explore and discover their passion.

Through this Medium (literally), we are going to express our views on a variety of topics.

  1. Transforming Education: Here we write about what the future of education should look like.
  2. Choosing the Right Career: Here we will write about how to choose the right career and about the different career options available to you.
  3. Career Fields: We are going to have a variety of career based courses like Entrepreneurship, Automobile Technology, Law, Journalism, Space Science, etc. Here we are going to write about the fundamental principles needed to succeed in the respective fields and the latest developments.
  4. Our Transformation Projects: Here we will write about the different transformation projects that we take up. A few in the pipeline are making a democratised psychometric test based on AI to accurately map personality types and careers a student might be interested in, teaching Entrepreneurship to middle school students using our online course as a tool, and getting our expert sessions totally automated via chat bots.
  5. Recent Developments in Education: Explains itself.

If any of the above intrigues your mind, please press the Follow button. It would be nice to have a few people hear what we want to say. We promise to give you food for thought on a weekly basis. Cheers!

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We provide career guidance to school students.

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