Ultrabox Plastic Lockers Look Amazing With Many Advantages

The following article discusses the main features of Probe Ultrabox Plastic Lockers and illustrates the technical advancements that have been used in making these locking units. Apart from the general utilities offered by these storage units, these lockers also feature additional weather protection and security systems that make them more user-friendly.

Probe Lockers is a leading manufacturer of storage systems. They have been in business since 1960, and have garnered a positive market reputation by coming up with products that are consistently of high quality. They offer a wide range of storage systems such as lockers, cloakroom equipments, cabinets, cupboards, shelving, library shelving and mobile shelving. We have also released a range of cloakroom equipments and lockers that are designed by keeping in mind the requirements of schools and colleges.

With their new range of Ultrabox Plastic Lockers, Probe has taken the concept of convenient storage lockers to another level. These locking units are comprised of a sturdy construction that performs well even in the most harsh and challenging environments. The locker doors consist of drain hole plugs, lock gaskets and door seals, which provide with complete protection from rain water that might pour in. The lockers are suitable for all weather conditions, and can provide with efficient lockers for year after year.

Along with Biomaster, Probe has developed an antimicrobial technology that provides the Ultrabox Plastic Lockers with additional protection. The lockers are all epoxy coated with a material known as Active Coat. Active Coat is an all new, hard wearing, patent-protected anti-bacterial powder coating that contains elemental silver that is bonded ironically into Zeolite, a ceramic material with bio-compatible properties. Apart from this, all types of plastic components that are used in the manufacturing of these locker units incorporate a silver-based anti-bacterial agent.

The Biomaster agent attaches itself to the cell walls and prevents growth. Its ions can also interrupt the enzyme production process of microbes, which eventually stops the production of cell producing energy. The anti-microbial agent also interrupts the DNA of the cells, which in turn prevents replication. This prevents the growth and eventual migration of harmful microbial agents like bacteria, fungi, mold and algae, and minimizes the propensity of cross contamination that might occur from one surface to another. These lockers are particularly suitable for places where strict hygiene standards need to be maintained, such as in healthcare departments, educational institutions, retail changing rooms and catering services.

Probe locker systems also come with a wide range of additional features such as an integral air venting facility, five knuckle hinges, a micro sprung disc lock, welded front frame and internal door strengtheners. The micro sprung lock is a 10 disc locking system that features 3000 serial combinations. This gives Probe locking units more security than lockers of similar range produced by other manufacturers. Other special features include super strong polyethylene body and door and optional sloping tops.

The lockers manufactured by Probe can be brought from a registered lockers, store that stock these products or from a Probe showroom. There are also a number of lockers online stores that can sell Probe products. Whether you choose to buy storage products from lockers online stores or any other retail lockers store, do not forget to check the Active Coat, Anti MRSA and Biomaster seals that vouch for their authenticity.

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