Weekly Briefing #20: PwC Reveals Juicy Findings in its New Fintech Survey.
Financial Revolutionist

Generally regulators will start rustling up head wind for the interlopers. Big business has already started their coopetition — competition playbook. It goes like this. Are you with us or against us routine.

First they raise the entry costs. Then they outspend to establish a beachhead. Then they try and reinvent the wheel thru their not insignificant internal tech resources. Finally, they spin off a wholly owned subsidiary with a cutesy proactive consumer brand name. And voila ! I am the ñew FINTECH. So no need for newbies in their sneakers and super laundry T-shirts. No need for regulators to get their knickers in a twist.

I am, therefore you are.

(It probably will sound better in Latin!)

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