Hanlon’s Razor and the Infuriating H-1B Visa System
Ryan Shmeizer

Its ironical that IT firms are gaming the system, which probably is what they should be doing to improve in the first place with all that systems thinking and IT firepower. I am sure the State Dept systems and INS are designed by these very large IT cos. If you travel to Hyderabad or Bangalore — the first thing which hits you is the public transportation system is not electronic billing, but analogue. At median. Haggling! Okay now you have UBER and OLA and it is less of a problem. But try a bus or auto rickshaw.

It reminds me of what Dr Raghuram Rajan, Governor of the Reserve Bank of India said recently at a IMF meeting. “But the international community has a choice. We can pretend that all is well with the global monetary non system and hope that nothing goes spectacularly wrong. Or we can start building a system for the integrated world of the 21st century”.

It looks like the HI B system is not the only one being gamed or a non system.

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