How I Stumbled Upon The Internet’s Biggest Blind Spot
Nadia Eghbal

Nice work chief! Something obvious. But now an eye opener!

I am associated with a not-for-profit ( in the field of Education - vocational guidance & testing for hi schoolers. Trying to raise funds for scale is difficult. C cos are the worst “… will we see return in our investment”. Even when this is their publicly stated corporate social responsibility mandate. So they give more weightage to measurable metrics in terms of “ $s ” or some physical assets rather than “social outcome” whose effects will be seen in decades; drop out rate mitigation; secondary education uptick; vocational pursuits uptick; chasing your dream and passion; social unrest mitigation. …I could go on and on. This obviously pays its way out into the future, and results in real quantifiable metrics i.e $ s and societal bottomline. I mean look at France, Middle East and Pakistani societies in turmoil because their young citizens are not schooling or training or apprenticing instead of loitering and drifting towards causes with no return ticket. In Pakistan 42% of their school going age population is not going to school!

But the vision is just over the belly button….