15 Excuses I Make to Avoid Taking Action

Darren Rowse
  1. ‘I don’t have the resources’
  2. ‘I don’t have the skills’
  3. ‘I don’t have the time’
  4. ‘I don’t know enough’
  5. ‘I feel overwhelmed’
  6. ‘I have too much on my plate’
  7. ‘I’ve never done it before’
  8. ‘I have too many opportunities — which one?’
  9. ‘It’s not the right time’
  10. ‘I’m not big enough’
  11. ‘Other people already do it better/were first’
  12. ‘It won’t make a difference’
  13. ‘I don’t know where to start’
  14. ‘It needs to be perfect’
  15. ‘It’s too scary’

What I Tell Myself When I Hear Myself Making Excuses

“Your life would improve if you took the action you’ve been avoiding.”

Darren Rowse

Written by

Speaker, Author, Blogger, Podcaster & Founder of ProBlogger & Digital Photography School. Ambassador for WorldVision Aus. Father of 3 boys & husband to Vanessa.

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