The era of robotic security drones

2 min readApr 19, 2020
AiRFLOW for the security sector

PROBOTEK utilizes the AiRFLOW platform to provide various services over the drones. Recently, there’s been a high demand in security drones, so officials and security experts consider now that drones will play a critical role in the sector.

PROBOTEK couldn’t and… wouldn’t stay behind and already started working on a project towards this direction.

The outcome of the research being done so far is the ANAFI-Smart platform. ANAFI-Smart platform delivers over-the-drone security services and more, with Parrot’s ANAFI drones. Furthermore, ANAFI-Smart platform integrates with well known alarm systems.

The platform architecture in two scenarios (local control and remote)

Also, by using Q-MCC Live and ALiSA you get your flying capabilities to an entirely new level!

Q-MCC Live is the control interface for all your exciting flights
ALiSA awaiting for verification and your voice commands

Check how well ALiSA responds to your voice commands…

Testing ALiSA while the drone is stranded and also that sleep mode ignores all commands

The AiRFLOW platform is generalized and supports virtually any drone.

One platform to rule them all

One thing is certain among others: “ProboTEK invents the future of drones”.

Robotic automation, AI and Smart Control under a unified platform

George Delaportas
CEO & Co-founder




PROBOTEK provides enterprise solutions in the ICT and defense sector with a focus on Professional Robotic systems, Advanced A.I & Drones.