The gods of the coming centuries

The gods of the coming centuries will be machines.
And by machines I don’t mean just the hardware…..I mean the software too.
Because software instructs the machine.

A machine will know everything about you.
For instance who you communicate with.
Who you meet.
What you like doing…etc.
Note that it wont be one big machine that will do all this.
But so many machines doing so many things but capable of communicating with one another and sharing information.

What of the gods like the sun and all the other stars?.
Those too it will be the machines that will know about them.
No human will ever get near the sun.
But machines will.
And they will have all the information about the sun.

What will humans do then?
Live life.

What do you mean by that?
Look at chicken or any animal.
The most important things to them are food and shelter.
But look at humans…they want to own everything…even what they don’t need.
Mansions…metallic boxes with engines in them(cars)…stones(gold and diamond)…etc.

So I think if machines can help us solve most of our problems.
We shall have time to concentrate on things that really matter in life.
Like living life itself and not craving for things that don’t matter.

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