Caelum Project Airdrop — What do we know?

Pro Cryptologist
Feb 17, 2019 · 2 min read
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But what have we learnt so far from the preview?

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Airdropping to Ethereum holders makes sense. Ethereum currently trades above $100 and so holding a certain amount of Ethereum will indicate you are trading heavily in Cryptocurrency. It is known throughout the whole of the world of cryptocurrency.

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This is an interesting one. Why tomochain? I decided to do some research into Tomochain to see what there is to learn about this project. First of all if you head to their telegram you will quickly find out they are a large and very passionate community 12000+ members. Also depending on the time you look Tomo can be seen trading inside the top 100 coins or just outside of it. But what makes this coin special compared to the others is that this project is still very young and in its infancy. The largest exchange it trades on is Kucoin. The potential for this project to grow is massive and it is instantly recognisable how much the community understands the world of cryptocurrency. Certainly airdropping on Tomochain holders will increase awareness of the Caelum Project.

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Not a lot is currently known about the ratio of the airdrop to ethereum or tomochain holders or what changes will take place for Caelum but the future is very exciting. Caelum is a project is striving to gain awareness within the world of crypto. The community is strong and looking forward to what happens next. Check out the telegram to find out more information


Telegram announcements:

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