Hardest Working Coin/Token Award 2018 Public Vote

The world of crypotcurrency has received a huge amount of negativity recently. It is very easy to become depressed at the current situation within the market by looking at current prices to coins you purchased within the last 6 months. However this should not be the case! The greatest reward comes from the lowest moments. The real gains within the world of cryptocurrency will be made by those that invest now. Bitcoin in the future will rise and certain alt coins will rise further. But which alt coins? This is where I need your help. I believe the alt coins that will make the biggest gains, when the bull market arrives, are the ones that have worked the hardest during these times, made no compromises and are on target to achieve their goals. My most important quote is ‘what coin is working hard for you?’ This is what I aim to find out from you!

What defines a hard working coin/token?

The definition is open to interpretation. It could be that they have developed new tech, increased adoptation, launched on new exchanges, continued to meet deadlines. The list goes on. I just want to know very simply which coin/token you believe is working the hardest for you.

What do I need to do to get my coin/token involved?

Initially I will ask for any suggestions via twitter (post or personal message) for who should be entered into the competition. There won’t be any limitations. If it is a cryptocurrency/utility token and it is available to purchase on any exchange then it can be entered.

Format of the competition

Depending on popularity I am aiming for 16 coins to be included within the vote. Coins/tokens will be split into groups of 4 and a poll set via twitter. The winner for each poll will advance to the final. The coin/token with the most amount of votes within the final will be declared the winner. The poll will be on twitter to ensure there is ‘fair play’. If there is little interest then it will be reduced to 8 coins and 2 coins will fight it out within the final.

The Prize

The winning coin will be awarded the title ‘Hardest Working Coin 2018’. This will be up to the team behind the coin to decide what they want to do with this title. In addition, I will write an article on the winning coin and why it is the hardest working coin of 2018. This could be useful to create awareness for your coin/token. I will also invest within this coin/token. Why not????

What to do now?

Reply to my twitter post or personally message me on what coin/token you believe deserves recognition and should be entered into the competition. When your coin has been entered, ensure you place your vote via twitter.

In addition feel free to add me and follow the competition through to the finale.