Why Banca? Why now?

Banca is a decentralized,intelligent investment banking community. Whenever Banca community members obtain services from any other community member, they pay for those services using Banca tokens.

Why Banca?

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The world of cryptocurrency is still in its infancy. No one really knows how cryptocurrency will shape our future or how we expect to pay for our products, share digital content etc. If you are like me, then you believe the impact will be massive. But why Banca? Just ask yourself, how do I know what to invest in? How should I spread my portfolio? At the moment it is a case of who is shouting the loudest and following advice from a select few ‘crypto experts’. This is where Banca comes in. Banca doesn’t account for any of these factors and uses Artificial Intelligence from vast amounts of data to rate, advise, consult and audit including ICOs (Initial coin offering). This is why Banca is different to other offerings and if you want access to the services then you will need to purchase the Banca token.

Why now?

The first obvious factor is that Banca is offering a unique product that has a high purpose within an ever changing, ever growing market. Cryptocurrency won’t remain a guessing game and soon investors and experts will turn to artificial intelligence to make their next moves.

One of my best pieces of advice within the cryptocurrency world is, question yourself. How hard is your investment working for you? We are within a bear market, but this provides you with the perfect opportunity to see what the future holds for your investment. Banca began in the bear market and hasn’t stopped working throughout. No deadlines missed, no set backs and no compromises.

Try it for yourself. CoinAI is one of the first services launched on Banca’s decentralised blockchain-based community and for a limited time available to use for free. https://www.banca.world/