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How would you describe ProctorU to colleagues or other institutions considering an online proctoring solution?

If you’re considering online proctoring, ProctorU is the way to go. Through the years, other proctoring services have tried to get our business and I have been asked to evaluate other companies, but we choose to stay with ProctorU because of their outstanding customer service. Our students receive the help they need from a real person at ProctorU, and a lot of the other proctoring companies don’t do that. Other companies have fully automated services, proctoring with the technology only. …

This article by ProctorU founder Jarrod Morgan first appeared on Inside Higher Ed.

When people face extreme pressure, their decision making and ability to act in good faith often suffers.

Make no mistake: today’s online students are under intense pressure to perform in their courses, juggling busy schedules and family lives with earning a reputable degree to boost their job prospects. Combine these stressors with the anonymity afforded through online interactions, as well as the commonality of cheating, and the importance of ensuring academic integrity in online programs is undeniable.

The online testing industry has seen explosive growth. Academic programs…


ProctorU is the world's largest online proctoring solution offering exam security, integrity and convenience - backed by humans and artificial intelligence.

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