Driving Digital Transformation

Making something, anything, is challenging. Making something you don’t care about can be soul crushing.

Making stuff people give a shit about. That’s what’s happening over at Procurify.

Recently, Procurify launched the biggest visual refresh done in quite some time. It’s still the same Procurify you already know and love, just updated to make things even more ridiculously easy. The platform’s addition of URL pull and drag & drop functionalities, flexibility with internal role approval processes, and customizable reporting, further the brand’s commitment to empowering businesses to see, understand and do more with their purchasing processes.

It’s tough to have a conversation about any industry vertical today without the impact technology is having entering that conversation. Procurify’s business model: the combination of changing values and changing technology platforms has created opportunities, which take value from existing players. Basically, its time to wake up the old guard and transform things.

At Procurify big things are happening with numbers that indicate the best quarter in the company’s history, with 100% revenue growth over the last quarter. Procurify’s user base has also expanded 28% over the quarter and has now been used in over 100 countries worldwide.

The next stage means a 7 day a week, 24 hour obsession, because of how quick things are moving and how disruptive, disrupters like Procurify can be as well.

There’s change afoot and Procurify is leading the charge. Stay tuned for more creation happening.

Interested in Getting Started?

Here is how businesses can access Procurify:
New or current Procurify users: Create a free Procurify account by visiting procurify.com by downloading the Procurify mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.
Registered users: Your account and app will update automatically. Everything else remains the same.