5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Geometric Logo Design

Nidhi Dave
Dec 8, 2017 · 3 min read

Shapes are never just shapes while you are designing your logo. Logo design is an art and a science as the shapes and color psychology are used in logo design. Specially while using geometric logo design, the shapes you use in the logo design can make or break your brand and the image in the market. Shapes can project the company project corporate visions more than any marketing techniques.

Geometric Logo Design

The psychology behind logo designing is perfectly understood by the logo designing experts. There are branding companies in the logo designing market who have in-house logo designers who are maestros in the field of logo designing. They are well aware about the psychology behind designing a logo and the completely follow it. They know that each shape or color communicates a different message to the audiences. They know that every shape has a different story to tell about the company in the market. As per the type of organization, you need to design the story as per the choice of the shape you choose and get a Geometric Logo Design for your company. The main area of consideration while designing the geometric logo design is how creatively the brands use geometrical shapes in logo design. It is somethings that can only be put into practice after being aware about how the mind associates itself with these shapes.

Geometrical logo designing best suits for the organizations who are in the field of architecture, interior designing, industrial graphics or product designing etc as the shapes will enhance geometrical patterns in the logo that will suit them like no other will.

Let us have a look at the 5 facts about geometric logo design:

1. Visual communicator:

Shapes determine and speak out what type of organization you are and what type of products or services you provide. Shapes design the image of your company in the market when perfectly merged in the logo. Whenever people have a glance at the geometric logo design, they can be sure about the company exactly. It will be an appealing Geometric pattern design as your organization will be serving the designing industry where shapes are the most important factor.

2. Edgy design:

This custom logo design is exclusively made with the use of geometrical shapes which gives it an edgy look. It is the perfect logo type for organizations in the field of architecture, interior designing or industrial graphics/products designing. It speaks volumes as it perfectly matches the organizations’ services. They need to play with shapes to have creativity in their field.

3. Aesthetically important:

Not only colors, but even shapes have the same equal importance while creating a logo design. Shapes help to organize and connect to the information about your organization to the customers in the market. Shapes have different themes associated with each of them. They represent new ideas, moods, emotions etc. they are used to emphasize on texture and depth.

4. Technically important:

Shapes are so beautifully geometric that they help our eyes to move on all elements when we see any logo. They are easy to recognize the logo. They even stand for efficiency and solid structure. Shapes are in a symmetry of the geometrical designs that suggests order. Professional logo design can be designed with the assistance of custom logo design companies who are the experts in logo designing.

5. Timeless appeal:

The best quality of the shapes is that they never get out of fashion. They are timeless. It never becomes obsolete and neither the logo design becomes obsolete. Geometric logo design gives out timeless appeal for a long time irrespective of the the on going trends in the market. It looks young when it is geometrically designed.

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