Top 5 Apps to Organize your Work (and life!)

3 min readSep 19, 2022
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With the overload of tasks, To Do lists, paperwork and assignments we have nowadays, it’s nearly impossible not to use apps that will help you organize your day, week or month.

If you want to organize meetings, take notes, organize and share paperwork with your colleagues or clients, control the logistics of your projects or communicate with your team, that are incredible Apps that will make your work (and life) more efficient — and, therefore, increase productivity either at home or in the office.

Here are the organization Apps our Team recommends:

1. To organize meetings: Google Agenda

Google Agenda just never gets old! With the app, you can connect different email accounts and share your calendar with colleagues, so they know when you're available for a meeting.

You can also personalize your tasks by colors, and get notification on upcoming events.

2. To take notes on projects: Notion

Notion is a great app that you can use to take notes on literally anything in your life.

If you're planning a trip, writing a script, creating a Marketing project, organizing your Sales contacts by purpose or outcomes, establishing your company goals, or even studying — Notion makes it easier to organize your thoughts and ideas on different matters.

3. To organize and share information and files: Prodflow

Prodflow helps you organize and share all files with your team, your clients and other stakeholders. You create an account as the Administrator and can assign different projects and tasks to different groups of users, and manage their access to the files you upload in the platform. You can easily share all types of files with people that will access them through the app.

Besides the sharing of documents, you can schedule meetings and events with users, and share all information on date, time and location (with link to Google Maps directions).

It works for company executives, startup teams and University students.

4. To control logistics of projects: Trello

Trello is a well known platform that helps all users to organize their projects' logistics. It's a clear dashboard where you can see exactly in which stage your project is, so that you're able to prepare the next steps.

You can have different dashboards and also share them with different users and teams. With the free account, you have access to many features that guarantee you a great experience.

5. To communicate: Slack

Slack is an online platform that helps you create a digital workspace to communicate with different users and teams. It's a great tool to communicate, make announcements and send real time information to anyone that you add to the group chat.

These are all the organization and utilities apps that our team uses to help them organize their digital workspace and be more productive.

If you want to know more about Prodflow App, go to for more information and have access to our Free Trial :)

Which other organization apps do you use? Let us know in the comments!




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