An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

It’s easy to garner sympathy and compassion when talking about the plight of a low-income earner trying to make it in the big city. Many of us have been there. I racked up a good amount of debt myself trying to live the beach lifestyle in San Diego while earning a far less than adequate wage. But then you become an adult and realize, “I’m not entitled to this. Just because so-and-so can seemingly afford it, doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed for me.” And that’s when you learn to grow up.

My advice? If you want sympathy for your situation, talk about the difficulties of living in a big city earning minimum wage. Plenty of supporters on that bus.

But to think that your company, your CEO, owes you anything more than what he’s already providing you? That’s just…what’s the word…un-American.

I paid for my own health coverage from 21 until 30. You were blessed, but you’re too blind to even see it. sad.