Design Case Study: How to increase the use of Telegram?

Jun 18 · 10 min read

What is Prodlenka?

Omg….What was that?

Why Prodlenka?

Why did we choose Telegram?

So we began with a research plan.

Dive into the context and analyze the capabilities of the application

We grouped our vision of what affects people’s communication
Telegram application structure

Collect feedback, pains, and joys of users through surveys

The survey helped us collect the data to discover a cross-section and dive into the context of their use of the app.
The question “What do you like the most about Telegram?” helped us highlight the valuable properties of the product and formulate requirements for new solutions.
We forgot to ask about Calls, but only two people have pointed out that they regularly use this feature. That’s when a new hypothesis has emerged: maybe sound and video messages have replaced the calls?

Focus on the main tasks and problems of users

Schematically grouped the tasks, problems and joys of users

Brainstorming ideas — the more, the better

Crazy 8 brainstorm results

Test hypotheses and improve solutions for maximum benefit

Hypothesis #1: The Dump

Hypothesis #2: 999+ unread messages

Hypothesis #3 — Unneeded chats

Hypothesis #4 — Display of the content

Offering ideas for the future

1. Cloud storage.

2. Channels.

3. Notifications

Quick actions that are in the desktop version, should be added to the mobile application

4. Privacy

5. Onboarding.

Many users don’t know that as they press Play, they can bring up the phone to their ear and listen to the audio message just as if they were on the usual phone call. In this case, the sound is transferred to the corresponding speaker, disabling the speakerphone.

Lessons learned

What tools did we you use?

Miro Board

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