10 Signs You’re A Hopeless Romantic

Originally published at lmt-lss.com on January 4, 2016.

Yes, I know you’re crying because two puppies just hugged. I get it.

Romance is dead in my opinion but I’ve got a few friends who think otherwise. Here are 10 signs I’ve found in them indicating the fact that you might indeed be a hopeless romantic and not as cynical as I am.

1. You can watch rom coms forever.

You know the names and characters and scenes of every romantic comedy movie ever made across different film industries, be it Bollywood, Tollywood or Hollywood. And you’ll die of excitement every time a new one’s coming out because it reaffirms your faith.

2. You ‘awwww’ all the time.

A baby yawning to a list of the cutest dogs on the internet can induce some very long, audible awwwwwws from you to the point that at least one of your friends has told you to stop. You can’t help but find something to love in the littlest thing.

3. You cry watching movies.

Yes, you’re that person. You’re the one who cried when Bajirao and Mastani died together in Bajirao Mastani because that was true love and Sanjay Leela Bhansali destroyed your idea of love for a few seconds.

4. You’re convinced about finding true love.

You’ve seen people fall out of love around you but you remain convinced that the universe has someone for everyone somewhere and it’s only a matter of time until they find that person.

5. Your goal is to make everybody believe in love.

You make it your personal responsibility to ensure everybody you love believes in love, including the cynics like me. You try different strategies and you never give up. It can get annoying but it’s adorable how you try so hard. I raise a drink to you, you valiant romance warrior.

6. You fall in love with little things.

You will fall in love with a teddy bear keychain and then buy it to adore it. You’ll fall in love with a walk on the beach. You’ll fall in love with food. Anything actually.

7. You fantasize about good relationships.

You dream and daydream about the same thing: a healthy, happy, joyous relationship where love flows like rivers from both partners. If you’re dating somebody currently, you’re already dreaming of the future with a family that meets the perfect stock photo kind of joy.

8. You have to hold back from scaring people with your love.

You’re incredibly affectionate to the point that you’ll attack hug someone you haven’t seen for 4 days. While it’s nice to be so loved by someone, reel it in a tiny bit so that everyone doesn’t get terrified when you’re practically harmless.

9. You try to maintain your child-like wonder.

You’re very engaged with everything that happens around you and you get easily surprised watching a video of a butterfly coming out of a cocoon will leave amazed as will someone you love opening up to you for the first time. It’s a good thing to keep and probably the one thing cynics like me should learn.

10. You fall in love with everyday things.

You fall in love with things like listening to music while you shower or making your favorite breakfast. You make every day of your life have something to love in it and honestly, you’re a better person for it.

I’m okay with you as long as you don’t scare me with your love. Everything’s good, yes?

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