10 Simple Habits You Need To Quit To Become More Productive This Week

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Habits are both — bad and good. Some of the bad ones need a sincere attention when they start hindering our productivity. Bad habits are the culprits that add on to our already existing stress and troubles leading to reduced output, stunted growth and low achievement. So, before they leave a lasting effect on your performance make sure to dump them for good.


A lot many of us multi-task. We take up a new work even before we are half-done with the first. Most of the times — not taking either to a satisfactory destination. A more practical and sensible option is to prioritise and concentrate on the important task and finish it before moving on to the second one.

Making Excuses

The human race as a whole has become desensitised to accountability. When things are not going right, the easy way out is to blame it on someone else. Be a man to take responsibility and own it up when you fail.

Checking E-Mail Countless Times

`INTERNET’ — The addiction is so strong that we can’t live remaining disconnected. How many times do you log-in to find no new e-mail? Stop wasting time. Instead, do your work. Remember — Your father lived in a world without wi-fi and managed it well without that!

Too Much News

The news bulletins and newspapers are heavily loaded. You need information and not the negativity and morosity that comes along. So, the news is best when it is taken in small doses. Don’t endlessly surf the news channels and websites, instead, grab a book for some interesting read.

Maintaining an Unclean Desk

You may be very good at finding everything you need at your desk. However, a congested and messy desk reduces your work efficiency. Make sure to clean it up today.


It is not good to be in complaining mode all the time. If you do not like something around you, make effort to change it. For instance, You can quit your job. Start afresh — enter into a new relationship. It is your call afterall!

Lunching on Junk

Many of us in our hurry and busy schedule, prefer to grab a quick bite and move on. Whether a burger or a pizza, it is not only unhealthy but also compromises with your nutrient requirement and derails energy levels by afternoon. Instead, eat a healthy meal to keep your body going.

No Exercise

It’s been a hectic day and your exercise regime is the first thing to get compromised. A full fledged workout may not be possible everyday, but you can manage some simple stretching and bending even while at work.

Responding to Phone Promptly

We have turned into slaves of technology. However, always remember that you are in charge, and not your smartphone! You may chose not to answer every time it rings. It is after all meant for your convenience, not the other way round.

Waiting for a Second Chance

When you lack dedication, the work remains half done and then you wish to give it a second try. As Jeffrey Mayer said, “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it again?” Make sure to put your best foot forward and do it right the very first time and do it with class.

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