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Photographs: Palak Jhaveri, Sanat Jhaveri & Co, Courtesy, Ego Designs

Pepperazzi, designed by Chirag Doshi and Sneha Doshi of Ego Design, is a newly opened restaurant in central Ahmedabad, with its theme based on that of a classic American-style diner.

The pleasant feel of an American diner is recreated here, including elements like the black and white chessboard tiling, table details, wall decor and the overall presence of red.

The elements on the walls are the most striking part of the interiors and are inspired by the decor of an American diner.

An American diner, which provides full-day service, is a pre-fabricated structure found almost all over the United States. While designing Pepperazzi, Chirag and Sneha decided they would play around with all the typical elements of an American diner. Says Chirag, ‘We wanted to be true to the theme of a diner and decided not to experiment with its core elements, like for example, the black and white chessboard tiling and the constant presence of red throughout. What we did was thoroughly research the style of both classical and contemporary diners throughout America as we wanted to design something which would be suitable to the demography of the restaurant and the customers who would visit. As I said earlier, we retained all the elements which give an identity to a typical diner. So, the flooring, colour scheme, table details, wall decor and lighting are all true to all diners in America. We wanted an American slice of life here in Ahmedabad and all our focus was on that.’

The most striking part of the interiors is the elements on the walls. Says Sneha, ‘We were most excited about picking up the best of American popular culture — ranging from classic American movie posters to celebrity quotes, actual sports goods of typical American sports like baseball, boxing and basketball. Smaller Items like vintage cars, typical State licence plates and curios were also used. Music was a huge part of our scheme and posters and quotes of rock stars and musicians found their place among actual guitars and a saxophone hung on the walls. After all, we wanted all visitors to find something new every time they visit the restaurant.’

Among all these, the spatial planning, ergonomics and workflow was not compromised. The restaurant has very spacious passages and more than comfortable chair and leg space. The entire space is brightly lit with energy saving LED focus lights and hanging lights. Adjustable LED down-lighters focus on the walls but do not hit the eyes of the customers. The hanging lights over all the tables illuminate the sumptuous food served.

Coupled with great multi-cuisine food on offer, this new theme restaurant in Ahmedabad will definitely be on the must-visit list of food connoisseurs around the city and beyond.

The guitar on the wall here adds to the experience.

The designers wanted an ‘American slice of life’ in Ahmedabad and they seem to have succeeded in their aim.

The hanging lights over all the tables illuminate the fare offered to the customers.

fact file

Pepperazzi — The Diner

Location: Ahmedabad

Owner: Anand Heena Thakkar

Designers: Chirag Doshi & Sneha Doshi, Ego Designs, Ahmedabad

Area: 1,645 sq ft.

Project Status: Completed In October 2014

Period Of Project: 45 Days

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Originally published at on October 17, 2015.

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