Data Analysis Reveals Film Industry Age Bias & Blindspots
Team Slated

The area of research is an interesting one, though the infographics are somewhat a case of style over substance in terms of helping to visualize the data.

As is often the case, I see Slated point out areas where the film industry is wide of the mark, but I don’t see how you propose to solve the problem. You say “If film’s greenlighters crunched their numbers better”, but the number crunching on Slated seems to be just as stacked against newcomers, because it (like the greenlighters and gatekeepers) is credits focussed, so higher scores requires a larger body of work.

One other thing: Albert Einstein may have been the same age as some of today’s millennials when he first caused a stir in the world of Physics, but he certainly wasn’t himself a millennial!

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