Ricky, thanks for writing this. It’s cool that this is a topic people care about.
Alexander Campbell

Alexander, I’m afraid it is you who has missed the point.

The point is that as a result of growing up poor, Ricky was at a disadvantaged mentality. So even if you magically granted him the same capital as someone who was not poor, the “mindset inequality” resulting from growing up poor is still present, hurting his chances of success.

Positing the opposite hypothetical (“if you had exactly the same mindset”, or rather — if you didn’t have that mindset inequality) is useless. A poor person with a rich person mindset would perish very very quickly.

Sidenote: this brings up once more my idea for a reality TV show “Bootstraps” where we drop rich, entitled 20-somethings in Detroit, Chicago, NYC and other rough cities around the country. During selection we film plenty of b-roll of them “explaining” how poor people are simply lazy or stupid. Then they’re drugged, stripped of their ID’s, doused in stale beer, dressed in 2nd-hand clothes and dumped under an underpass. First one to rent an apartment & hold down a job for a month wins. ;)

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