How to Smack Down Political Bullshit in Prioritization Meetings
Sarah Harrison

Great post Sarah!

At my office, I don’t think we have a huge problem with “Political Bullshit” when prioritizing tasks, however I think the Effort-Impact Matrix would be a great thing to add to our process.

We often talk in general terms about effort and impact, but we have never gone to the lengths of graphing tasks on these axes (which just makes good sense). Because while the discussion is good, having a graphical representation of what we’ve arrived at would be even better.

I shared your post with my teammates with the caveat that I personally don’t think that we have this problem, however I think this process could definitely help us when we’re thinking about prioritization.

I think the “hard part” here is getting people to agree on effort & impact of a given item. But at least it helps focus discussion and creates a sweet & actionable output.