I do concede on the Jill Stein line, and have discussed this with several others at length.
Ben Steele

Thanks for the excellent & thoughtful reply! Allow me to address a few of your questions:

First off, let’s be clear that the goal of strategic voting in this election is to elect Hillary Clinton, because (for many many reasons, not the least of which is lack of organization in the Green Party) Dr Jill Stein is not really a viable candidate (again, in this election). My only caveat to that is this might change drastically if Nina Turner agrees to run be her running mate. But that remains to be seen.

Secondly, as to how exactly we will prioritize vote-swapping, we’re still working out the details. Someone on the team pointed out that we’d do better to wait till October when we’ll have (1) more liquidity (ie, registrations) in the market, and (2) better data about which states are close and which states are not.

Thirdly, as for where we’ll get Hillary voters, I’m expecting they’ll be excited to be able to teleport their votes to swing states where they’ll actually matter. If they vote for Hillary in a safely red state, it literally does not matter. If they vote for Hillary in a safely blue state, it likely does not matter, though in this case we face Collective Action Paradox (or the free rider problem).

This is a good segue to your concern about tipping a safely blue state. I seriously doubt our little effort could do that, however I do believe we will have enough data to avoid it. We’ll know the expected voter turnout in each state, expected Hillary margin, and so we’ll know what the theoretical limits are, and we’ll set actual limits to 50% or something to be safe. Furthermore, matching with Hillary voters in safely red states is a much better route. Even in red states, there will be hundreds of thousands of Hillary voters. They’re the ones who we’ll prioritize matching with first, because we can literally convert 100% of Hillary votes in red states to Jill votes and there’s nothing lost.

Last point is I very much hope you do decide to run for local office as a Green candidate. Maybe you’re just what the Green Party needs. You and many more like you. After this election, I (personally) intend to shift my focus to reform voting so that we can have fairer elections.

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