Money fuels the economy. Free circulation of money is key to a successful business.

The cryptocurrency market analysts have noticed that the countries with unstable financial systems are the most active ones on the cryptocurrency market. Investing in cryptocurrency has allowed the citizens of these countries to access a stable proprietary rights system at the expense of free money turnover outside the government’s control.

The decentralized finance system DeFi, the evolution of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency offer more than the property rights guarantee.

The speed of money flow within the DeFi system is only limited by the technical capabilities of…

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other early cryptocurrencies offered the users an opportunity of safe p2p trading without involvement of third parties. Cryptocurrencies decentralized issuance and storage of money. Cryptocurrency owners received full control of their assets.

The idea of reproduction of traditional financial tools using the blockchain technology has become the next step of the decentralization of the traditional financial system.

Launch of Ethereum (a cryptocurrency and a digital platform) on July 30th 2015 maximized potential of blockchain in the financial industry and encouraged the launch of new startups and projects that formed the ecosystem of decentralized finance.

The DeFi system…

Creative solutions start flowing once you replace the familiar with the unknown, the traditional with innovative.

While studying DeFi platforms, the team members observed the transparency of the DeFi ecosystem’s financial tools’ features, reliable protection from process interference from outside and decentralized decision-making based on smart contracts.

The major point though, is a spectacular rise of decentralized financial tools in popularity. …

Blockchain technology is the backbone of the cryptocurrency market. The development of the blockchain technology within the cryptocurrency market has led to creation of a new high-quality financial system — system of decentralized finances DeFi.

DeFi aims to give back the control of assets to users by recreating traditional tools within the ecosystem of decentralized finances based on blockchain technology.

Among the financial tools recreated within the DeFi system, crediting platforms turned out to be the most popular. …

People tend to think that the cryptocurrency market is limited to operations with digital currency and has nothing to offer the investors, apart from speculations with digital monetary units.

The modern cryptocurrency market is, above all, a range of secured and transparent financial tools based on blockchain technology.

Thanks to the blockchain technology, users are now highly protected from unauthorized data alterations and have decentralized access to financial services that, unlike the traditional financial system, do not include any middlemen.

DeFi Ethereum platform, a rapidly growing ecosystem of financial services, based on protocols with open source code or modular structure…

Chief Marketing Officer at Bient Technologies, works with more than 100 ICOs, consults several of these projects in the field of marketing, provided them with marketing strategies, created and implemented marketing campaigns. In 2017, he founded Blockhain PR Buzz.

According to the ICO Bench ranking was among the top 20 specialists in Blockchain around the world.

He graduated with a Masters in Marketing from the University of Lancaster.

Raghav began his career on the Upwork as a freelancer, took several projects related to websites development and digital marketing on the escrow platforms. …

We are happy to introduce you new Product Protocol partner — BlockConnectors. Cooperation with this company helps to make our project more accessible to a wide audience of business owners

BlockConnectors is the first ICO solution in Singapore. The project connects you with big ecosystem of partners and provides basic ICO services, such as initial assessment, drafting whitepaper, community management and token release itself.

By optimizing the process and presenting clear roadmap for clients, BlockConnectors provide a starting point for the blockchain project to enter the market as soon as possible.

Company is managed by Ong Jun Hao, an expert in cryptocurrency and financial markets. One of the most famous figures in the crypto community of Singapore. He helped ICO projects to attract over 150,000 people worldwide. A partnership with such a professional team helps Product Protocol to effectively set up business tokenisation processes.

Anthony Johnson — Operations Director of “Shortex Exchange”, worked with companies specializing in such spheres as artificial intelligence, robotics, fintech and blockchain. For the first time in the history of cryptocurrency market made a deal with ESM Media, where Dicet tokens were exchanged for advertising/pr services.

The former head of HeadHunter, is nowthe CEO & Co-Founder of Cryptocurrency startup “DICE Money” and an ICO Advisor to Cryptocurrency & Fiat exchange. Anthony has trading experience, as well as experience as an operations director in major London banks.

PP: How did you get into the crypto industry?

I always wanted to get…

We are glad to announce new Product Protocol official partner — Dokkur. Its goal is to provide an affordable PaaS solution for applications whose owners cannot afford to build expensive infrastructure.

Taking famous Heroku service as a prototype, Dokkur team made it easier and cheaper. Dokkur is primarily focused on small applications that need good technical solutions: from fast deployment to operational services. The project uses Amazon as a cloud platform. Supported programming languages: Ruby, Node.js, Clojure, Python, Java, Gradle, Grails, Scala, Play, PHP, Go, as well as custom Docker image. …

Adnan is a highly qualified specialist. He has more than ten years of experience within several startups, he occupied leading positions as for example CTO. He is the head of Global IT. Advisor and technical director of various blockchain startups.

Certified blockchain developer with 2.5 years of real-world projects experience. Founder of AMZ Asset Management. Mr. Siddiqi got an MBA degree in the University of Business Administration (Karachi, Pakistan).

In the field of blockchain products Adnan sees his purpose in creating decentralized community, where technology meets excellence.

PP: How did you get into cryptocurrency?

Adnan: It started with trading Bitcoin 3 years ago, that’s when I realized the potential of BTC and cryptocurrencies. Since then I am truly motivated to learn more about crypto, how blockchain works and create my own code.

Product Protocol

Product Protocol is a open-source protocol for crowdfunding/crowdlending campaigns based on digital assets issuing

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