New sign-in experience

We have finally launched our redesigned sign-in and account settings experience.

Many login issues have been resolved, and we’ve added support for email and password sign-in. If you prefer not to use your Google account or have issues with it, you now have another option. If you don’t log in with your Google account, we’ll automatically get your profile picture from Gravatar.

New account page design

Our account settings page has also been redesigned. We’re preparing to add some more account features, and also wanted to make the page easier to glance through. We hope you like it!

What’s more

We just added email notifications to…

Hello world! Summer months are here, and we have some updates for you, in return for all the amazing words of encouragement and feedback we receive. ProductBeat has some exciting new features and improvements, and we hope you like them.

New team view (left) and Team Hub Pro (right)

Beta: Team Hub Pro

As your products and team scale up, so does ProductBeat. We’ve redesigned the team management view, and you can now see all subtask assignments on the team home page among other improvements. You can always see what each team member is working on at a glance!

But we’re rolling out something even better: Team Hub Pro is now in beta…

After our very encouraging Product Hunt launch, we’ve been hard at work squashing bugs, acting on the feedback from all our new users and preparing for our upcoming updates. We can’t thank you enough for all the excitement and feedback! Let’s see what we’ve been up to since the launch.

Our Roadmap page now shows the epic overview we were previously keeping under the wraps. Now you can see the progress and remaining tickets of all your active epics in one page under the Roadmap section of your board.

In the future, we’ll improve this section with better timeline and…

Subtasks are a great way to document your plan to complete and release a ticket on your board. In ProductBeat, subtasks are the lowest-level way to break down the work and features your product needs.

Your backlog should mostly consist of stories, bugs and or support requests that communicate a complete feature that your product should have, or a problem that needs to be solved for end-users.

Often it makes sense to make a clear plan on how to solve them, as well as document activities such as QA, stakeholder reviews and release deployments. …

ProductBeat is a simple but powerful product management tool for modern product teams.

If you’re developing software and are looking for something a smack in the middle between Trello and Jira to help you plan and keep track of your product roadmap, releases and team work, this one is for you.

To try out everything mentioned in this post in just a few minutes, sign up for free at!

Remember to let us know what you think of our feature set so far, and what you’d like us to add!

Dashboard and backlog experience on ProductBeat.

Backlog flow

Your products and backlogs are organised into boards. You…


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