Be mindful that customers don’t have “needs” — apart from food, water, air...
Alan Klement

We tend to say “needs” rather than “jobs-to-be-done” because we’ve found it resonates with more people, but we mean the same thing — a functional goal, like getting home to your family for Christmas.

Sub-needs include: saving money, avoiding discomfort, etc.

Painpoints of the existing solution include: no in-flight food except for $14 sandwiches, delays at the airport, understaffed check-in, hassles at baggage claim.

Agreed that if asked how their trip could be improved, customers would likely focus on alleviating specific painpoints, or even bipass the fact that price is the biggest sub-need for them. (After all, many of the painpoints would vanish if they just flew first class on Virgin. 😀)

Like Comcast, Spirit doesn’t address the emotional needs of its customers and is especially ripe to be disrupted the moment another low cost solution comes along… (hyperloop? 🚄) And unless Elon Musk flies Spirit, I doubt many Spirit customers thought to ask for that. So Steve Jobs makes a good point ( 📱)… even if he did steal it from Henry Ford… (🐴 🚗)

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