Concise Video on the Merits of Discovery from an Original — Michael Sippey

Jim Morris
Jan 7, 2019 · 2 min read

Author: Michael Sippey, VP of Product,

Video URL:

Why you should watch this video: He’s an original practitioner wrt Product Discovery. He’s concise. His advice is timeless and cuts to the core of how Product teams should spend their time and energy. Don’t write the MRD, PRD, Jira, whatever. Talk to customers. Now. Only 13 min long when you watch at 1.5x speed.

What’s unique about this video: He gives specifics that are actionable, valuable and repeatable. For example, he counsels PMs to:

  • Talk to a customer 1x day
  • Listen to Support calls 2x week
  • Go on Sales calls 2x month

Jim’s Advice: I did something like this in my final year at We went to LA, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and even more over video. I learned more in that one year about my customers than in my first 9 years there. And I started that company with a few friends. In the beginning, I took my customers for granted. Never again.

Audience: PMs. CEOs. Head of Product.

Style: Presentation from a conference.

Noteworthy Slides:

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“Get in the Van”. He took his whole team to the customer. Not just himself.
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The core steps of the discussion he had with each customer.
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Don’t write an MRD, PRD, Jira, whatever. Learn together.
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Michael Sippey’s mantra. Problems first. I love it.
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