Products that should exist (Just a list )

It is list that come in my mind, these products ideas may or may not exist but it sure that they are not exist on scale. Please suggest links of existing products that fall in the line.

1 — HelpNow or HelpGigs

Help others and create financially resource ( money)
or make money online by helping others

A product which let user post the help required in certain task ( very short or short or long) for fixed certain money and then anyone can offer their help ( not auction) , only first 5 who offer help ( first come first gets basis), will able to chat or message the user. If chat got well, two users are mutually aligned then both will start work together. Help nature ( or task) is divided in three category 1 — Very Short ( day) — Short ( Week) — Long ( Months).

The role of product, will be make sure that everyone who submit the work ( when it is done) got money. So to make this happen HelpNow will pay the users for the work they did (the amount) . Then ask that money to the user who post it.

It is something that everybody will use.

Airbnb based on sharing economy. I call HelpNow or HelpGigs based on Help economy. Basic theory of Help Economy — When human use most important part of of human nature “empathy” as motivation factor to help others humans and get something in return ( financially or barter) . In the future of AI, Help Economy (human2human — H2H) will be the most common thing. Core Idea is “ Human will not do any work with other humans primarily for money or to survival or selfish gains but to help others Humans ” . It is also based on theory that in future there will be no concept of job ( as we know) and humans have to find a way to create the work. As humans has different interests , skills and experience, using these things humans can help other humans.

2- Random

Social Network for Strangers or
Find new people to be friend, travel, communicate, collaborate, relationship etc.

A product where you created profile ( real identity not alias) and open to connect with other people randomly or intentionally. It works it will not connect or suggest (hide profiles) with people who are already your friends ( physically) based on mobile phonebook or added in facebook or linkedin. So the moment after the conversation, when you tag someone as your friend ( mutually), profile will not be available ( transfer into your personal facebook or phone). To be friends you have to first tag first other person as “known” and exchanged text chat or video chat or audio chat. It is combination of network and communication.

It will not be know as personal or professional social network but human social network. It will be first network where we are humans first and open to connect without any boundary. Facebook and most (all) of the social networks are based on the premises , connect with friends and people locally. It is time that we have to move on and create something , which should exist now on scale of Facebook. Also not like reddit or quora where, connection is limited to context or reference ( question or topics) and not convert into network or for any further communication ( or nor any party interested ). Not like twitter where, it is tool for broadcast or to listen thoughts/message/media but not for communication.

Product, where your created your identity to connect or to be connected random people based on several factors. A social gathering on internet where anyone can come to you and talk to you.

3- Pitchme

Product for ads, sales and marketing or
Killing the concept of advertisement, sales and marketing.

A product where user allow brands, products and companies to pitch for their service or product based on your need. For example if you want/need a washing machine, you just go to the Pitchme and select washing machine and money ( or exchange) that you want to spend/give. And rest is on the product and you will get list of offers, brands ( locally or globally) . Now it is not the point, product will also suggest the replacement for washing machine. For example If I am searching for washing machine then product will suggests services which collect clothes to wash locally or any breakthrough clothes product which require no or just water for washing clothes ( future tech) etc. Most important, user will never been tracked by brands and companies. For them you will be just an user id. Pitchme AI assistant system will able to understand whats you need and pattern and then select offers and products based on your interests. Difference is Pitchme will work on your behalf, not on the behalf of brands or products.

The idea of product to offer three most important factor for commerce. For individuals to find what they know, find what they don’t know and informations that help us to take decision.

Email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube or any famous media/website is not the place to put your ads/marketing offer because no one goes to these platform for intention of buying or seeing ads.

This idea completely opposite the way we see advertisement and marketing. Enterprise or Consumer, till now companies/brands/products think we can either influence the mass people, attract with offers or simple target you( by putting your privacy on stake) . But real factor of any commerce is “ Need”. We have to stop wasting resource on sales and marketing and find new way to connect two parties. Pitchme will be that product.

4 — Mybuddy

Product that search and recommend products/services

A product that unbiased and only has one work, crawl internet and find products for you. The work that we do on google search or at producthunt, it will for us. You just open it and search the category and you will have result. It is unbiased because it is also not biased to you and stick to your requirements, it means its work is not to please you.

In Pitchme , where one end is connected to brands/companies and other is to user and Pitchme AI assistant work on behalf of you but also depend on other end, Mybuddy is AI based product/service recommendation for humans which is only connected to you and work for you. It is product/service recommendation based on your current preference or requirements.

Difference between Pitchme and Mybuddy, Pitchme is two sided product but work for on behalf of user not brands ( always biased towards you and work for you — like a slave), Mybuddy has no two sides and it will work as your friend whose work you to help you not to obey you. Pitchme crawl only the limited list on the other hand Mubuddy crawl the internet.

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