Say These 15 Things To Succeed In Business

Are you an ambitious business professional looking to get ahead in the industry? Dazzle all the execs at your next business meeting. Saying these 15 things around the office (and the client) will boost your performance rating and get you the bonus of your dream.

Say one of these phrases at your next meeting:

1. “dynamically optimize hyper-scale best practices”

2. “efficiently impact e-business experiences”

3. “professionally generate top-line supply chains”

4. “collaboratively iterate leading-edge leadership”

5. “seamlessly facilitate end-to-end niche markets”

6. “authoritatively streamline error-free core competencies”

7. “collaboratively disseminate user friendly potentialities”

8. “assertively promote plug-and-play content”

9. “synergies”

10. “continually extend distinctive platforms”

11. “objectively empower dynamic communities”

12. “conveniently embrace distinctive communities”

13. “cloudify competitive benefits”

14. “assertively maintain client-centric alignments”

15. “uniquely iterate cutting-edge e-business”

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