The Best Podcast Episodes for Product Designers

We created a collection of episodes to give you a peek into how product gets built at some of the most successful technology companies in the world. Below are five of our favorite interviews with designers from Intercom, Basecamp, Lyft, and LinkedIn.

Whether you are a product designer, an engineer, or an entrepreneur, you’ll finding something in this collection of podcasts that will illuminate your understanding of — and appreciation for — product design work. Enjoy! :-)

1. Inside Intercom: A Conversation with Facebook’s Director of Product Design, Margaret Stewart

Des Traynor, Intercom co-founder, sat down with Margaret Gould Stewart during this podcast episode. Margaret is currently the Director of Product Design at Facebook, and previously led design at YouTube, as well as at Google for search and consumer products. In this episode of Inside Intercom, you’ll learn about product design at a massive scale, the aesthetics of business software, and the importance of having a diverse design team.


2. DRT: Finding Your Design Path with Tobias van Schneider

Podcast host William Channer interviews Tobias van Schneider, the former Lead Product Designer at Spotify, in this episode of Dorm Room Tycoon. Tobias covers a lot in this 35-minute conversation. He talks about the role of a product designer, what it’s like competing with Apple, and the art of pursuing stupid side projects. He also speaks to how he works to become a better designer — and what he looks for in other designers. The whole DRT podcast is so good, so if you enjoy this episode and you’re looking for more, you can find additional episodes here.


3. Full Stack Radio: An Interview with Basecamp’s Ryan Singer

Full Stack Radio is a podcast hosted by Adam Wathan dedicated to helping developers build great software products. In this episode, Adam chats with Basecamp’s Ryan Singer. They talk in depth about a concept called “Jobs-to-be-Done” thinking, a concept originally created by Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen. That part of the conversation alone is illuminating, but you’ll find other UX and product design gems in here as well.


4. 500 Startups Podcast: A Conversation with Lyft’s Product Lead Ryan Fujiu

In this 45th episode of the 500 Startups Podcast, you’ll hear Ryan Fujiu of Lyft sound off on: how to leverage communities for growth, marketing successfully offline, conducting customer research, and user onboarding optimization. If you’re interested in building a great product for multiple kinds of users, you will love listening to this episode. It’s loaded with lots of insights, so make sure you have your Moleskine open and ready to take notes.


5. This Week in Startups: LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Talks About Building Great Products

This Week in Startups is a podcast that features some of the most interesting (and outrageous) entrepreneurial stories. In this particular episode, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner shares his five-point framework for building great products (among other things). It’s not often you hear Jeff talk as in-depth about his business frameworks and ethos — so this episode is a real treat. You may want to sit your team down and listen to part (or all) of this conversation; it may just change the way you think about your entire business.


If you’re looking for more great podcast episodes about product design and growth, check out the full collection below. If you don’t already have weekend plans…now you do. :-)